Battle of the DIY pipes: Which is the best DIY pipe?

We are living in the golden age of weed paraphernalia. When it comes to how we consume our cannabis, we’ve never had more choices than right now. Ultra-luxe designer glass? Sure. Terpene infused corn husk crutches? Yup. And what if you want to make your own bong out of McDonalds take-out? You can do that too — I’m serious. Even rolling papers have gotten a huge glow up (24K gold anyone?). Despite the overwhelming number of products you can use to consume cannabis, sometimes there is no choice. Sometimes you’re stuck between a nug and a hard place. Most cannabis lovers have been there at one point or another: when all you’ve got is some flower with nary a pipe or even a single rolling paper in sight. That’s when even the most organized, well-provisioned and expert of weed smokers needs a MacGyver move up their sleeve — something that can be quickly and easily thrown together from common household items. And even if you aren’t reduced to sheer necessity, some of these DIY pieces are just straight-up fun to try at home or whip out at a gathering. Below, I share my shakedown on a few of the most common DIY pipes out there. My criteria for judging one pipe versus another was simple: accessibility of components, ease of construction, and smokeability. From worst to best, here is how the battle of the DIY pipes played out. The worst: The pen pipe The pen pipe ranked last in my judgment of DIY pipes, but that doesn’t make it all bad. This pipe is by far the easiest to construct. It will take you literally 30 seconds to set up and only maybe a little more than that if, like me, you had to use a retractable pen that’s tougher…

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