6 weed brands comedian Matt Besser can't live without


You may know him as Sparks Department Captain Miller in Reno 911!, Dave in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Crazy Ira in Parks and Recreation, or from his multiple appearances in blockbuster TV shows such as Frasier, Curb Your Enthusiasm and How I Met Your Mother. It is undeniable that wherever Matt Besser goes, comedy is bound to follow.  Alongside Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, and Amy Poehler, he founded Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), an improvisational theatre and training company that paves the way for a multitude of aspiring young comedians (disclosure: I’ve trained at UCB) to hone their crafts in improv, sketch, and comedy. In his recent stand-up special, Matt Besser: Pot Humor, you’ll see him take on yet another challenging endeavor: keeping audience members at the Northwest Cannabis Club in Portland, who just so happen to be stoned out of their minds, entertained for an hour. He manages to do so by hilariously reminiscing about the lengths that he and his college friends had to go through in order to get weed back in the day — including driving all the way from Amherst College to Albany in the middle of the night all because “some guy their friend knew” was selling weed. He also reminisced with me about some amazing Phish performances, before anyone knew who Phish was, that he got to experience while he was first starting to smoke weed in college. While he doesn’t usually light up before a performance, Besser sat down to chat with Weedmaps about some of his favorite brands to consume off-stage.  Cannabiotix L’Orange   “I think I’m an orange guy,” said Besser. “I really enjoy Cannabiotix as a label because their stuff always seems so fresh. I used to ask what is the best, but now I ask what is the…

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