5 weed products Paper Magazine's David Hershkovits can't live without


David Hershkovits is a lifelong advocate of what he calls “cultural disruption.”  As a journalist, culture critic, co-founder of Paper Magazine, and host of the Light Culture podcast, Hershkovits has had a front-row seat to cultural disruption in America in every phase of his career. “The street to me has been the major disruptor that sort of took away the [cultural] power from the ‘high art.'” Hershkovits told Weedmaps. “There was this idea of high art [in New York City] which was opera and symphonies and museums with gatekeepers who decide who can come in through the door. The gatekeepers over time lost their edge because street art and streetwear became the big thing.” Hershkovits observed this pattern of disruption over and over since he was five years old, when his family immigrated from Israel to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. From an early age, Hershkovits felt the pull of culture because he couldn’t shake the sense that culture was the route through which to find his place in this new world.  “That’s how I felt I would become an American, by immersing myself in the culture.” In 1967, Hershkovitz went to San Francisco during the Summer of Love. That’s where he had his first visceral, lightbulb-moment encounter with cultural disruption. At that point, he had already started experimenting with substances like cannabis and acid, which created an inextricable link between cannabis and the counterculture experience.  As a young journalist in the early ’80s, Hershkovits started covering news for SoHo Weekly News, a competitor to the Village Voice that was, according to Hershkovits, reflecting the culture of that moment a lot more than the Voice. And though tied to the news desk, Hershkovits was in love with the music scene, so he used his press credentials to get into the clubs. SoHo…

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Source : 5 weed products Paper Magazine's David Hershkovits can't live without

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