5 weed products Jesse Royal can't live without


Jesse Royal is a force to be reckoned with in the world of reggae music. Royal is a singer, songwriter, and performer whose 2017 debut album Lily of da Valley topped the Billboard Reggae Album charts and brought him international acclaim. Born and raised in Jamaica, Royal’s love for the genre has been deeply ingrained in him since childhood. As he puts it, “Reggae music, I think, is just a natural expression for us as Jamaicans … we walk Jamaican, we talk Jamaican, we live Jamaican, so the music that we express, whatever tempo, whatever vibration, is authentically reggae.” Just last week, Royal dropped his much anticipated sophomore album, Royal, which shares the authenticity and the beauty of the reggae genre in a way that’s both approachable and universal. It’s a journey full of real situations and real experiences that he feels everybody can share and enjoy together — regardless of their experience with his music or the genre as a whole. When asked about the goal of his new album, Royal said, “This is definitely something that I’m incredibly excited to share with the world, with fans, but also people who probably never heard of Jesse Royal or heard of reggae. I try to give them something to fall in love with, because we feel like reggae is such a beautiful genre with beautiful people with a beautiful message, and we feel like everybody deserves to hear or experience this.”  Despite his laid back demeanor, Royal is extremely thoughtful and conscientious about his music and how it is received. “This is our duty as deliverers of the message to ensure that whatever we do is palatable, one, but also understandable, ya dig?” Source: SamoReggae singer and songwriter Jesse Royal promoting his new album Royal. Equally as authentic as his…

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Source : 5 weed products Jesse Royal can't live without

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