15 Best Rolling Papers and Weed Cones

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As cannabis increases in popularity, people have more options than ever before. The classic joint is one of the most well-loved ways to smoke the plant, explaining why rolling papers have remained prominent in the world of cannabis for so long. Joints are an excellent way for seasoned and new smokers to relax, medicate or just have a good time. Weed cones are another great option for cannabis smokers and have become much more favored in recent years. They are similar to joints, differing only in their shape: a joint is straight and narrow, while a cone is thicker on one end. Today, most cannabis accessory companies sell rolling papers along with pre-rolled cones or joints. Pre-rolled cones are perfect for heavy smokers who don’t have the time to roll all their cannabis, or new smokers who are still learning to roll. The best part is that everyone can enjoy, not just those that know how to roll. Regardless of your rolling skills, the choice of paper is crucial for the best smoking experience.  The list below focuses on the best of both worlds, featuring the top 15 rolling papers and weed cones. From classic options like Zig Zag, to more luxurious brands like Luxe, this selection includes the perfect paper for every kind of cannabis smoker.  1.    King Palm King Palm offers a unique smoking experience with their all natural palm leaf wraps and pre-rolled cones. Natural Cordia leaves are used for the paper, making this a true all-natural, environmentally friendly option. As their website explains, palm leaves were used for smoking as early as the tenth century. King Palm is giving cannabis enthusiasts a chance to go back to the basics with these all natural, handmade wraps. Since their launch in 2016, King Palm has gained popularity among seasoned cannabis smokers. They sell over 21 flavors, including…

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