Young adults get three years in prison for selling weed brownies on social media

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Four young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 pleaded guilty to crimes against health for selling cannabis brownies on social media and will now spend the next three years in prison. Using Facebook and Instagram accounts, the accused-turned-convicted had account names like “Brownies,” “Magic Cakes” and “Space Cakes” to sell their homemade products, according to Mexico News Daily . They then delivered the goods to customers in the Sonora area via courier, the publication notes, citing a report from Spanish-language publication, El Universal . Police learned of a potential illicit scheme after receiving a complaint from a parent. Information technology experts then reviewed matters and the users behind the accounts were identified. Police harsh the mellow with weed trafficking charges against man who had ‘Margaweedaville’ pricing list inside his home This entrepreneurial “god” gets nabbed for drug dealing via Snapchat Coded emojis are being used to sell drugs to kids on Instagram A subsequent police search of all four homes of the people involved resulted in the discovery of weed brownies, cannabis, cooking pots, ovens, flour, packaging, cellphones and cash, Mexico News Daily reports. During a summary hearing earlier this month, the four were ordered to spend three years in prison after accepting “the charges for crimes against health by way of small-scale drug dealing,” the publication states. The full names of the four people were not included in news reports, although their ages were listed as 18, 21, 22 and 29. A tweet from Sonora’s attorney general issued a warning that whoever consumes the products “can not only become addicted, but can also gravely damage their health.” As for sellers, they “could also be responsible for murder, because of the poisonous properties of consuming foods containing marijuana,” Mexico News Daily quotes the tweet as noting. In March,…

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Source : Young adults get three years in prison for selling weed brownies on social media

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