Woman detained after Irish authorities find almost $107,000 worth of weed

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A 37-year-old woman has been arrested in Ireland after customs authorities found 3.6 kilograms of cannabis worth an estimated €72,000 ($106,560). As part of an intelligence-led operation, customs officers with Revenue, working with state and local police, discovered the illicit drugs while executing a warrant at a Dublin premises, notes a statement from the agency . Police have detained the woman under provision of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996 . A person can be detained if the police member in charge of the station where that person is being held has “reasonable grounds for believing that his or her detention is necessary for the proper investigation of the offence.” Irish police seize $323,000 in drugs during two busts in Gorey Irish man evicted tenants for cultivating cannabis and then created his own illegal grow Customs seizes drugs worth $190,000 in two days at two Irish mail centres Without a warrant, a person can be detained for 48 hours and, if a warrant is obtained, can be kept for “a further period not exceeding 72 hours.” According to Cannabis Industry Lawyer , the punishment if convicted of selling cannabis depends on factors such as the offender’s circumstances, the type of drug and the quantity seized. For cannabis, it could be met with as much as a €2,500 ($3,700) fine and up to a year in prison. “This operation was part of Revenue’s ongoing joint investigations targeting organized crime groups and the importation, sale and supply of illegal drugs,” the agency reports. An investigation into the matter is continuing. Revenue has witnessed a number of significant cannabis seizures in the last month or two. In late April, for example, 40 kg of weed worth an estimated €800,000 ($1.2 million) was seized at Rosslare Europort after officers stopped and searched a…

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Source : Woman detained after Irish authorities find almost 7,000 worth of weed

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