Want to get paid to smoke weed? Here’s a job for you

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A rare opportunity has opened up with the cannabis company CBD Oracle . The company is looking to hire a remote part-time cannabis reviewer and will provide the pot. It will also pay the lucky, successful applicant US$30,000 ($37,500). ‘Chopped’ adds a sprinkle of weed to taste for new five-episode series All you need to know about cannabis and NFTs What happens when two cannabis strains are combined? According to the job posting , a person must be at least 21-years-old to apply and be an experienced cannabis consumer. According to the job’s “baseline requirements,” applicants must have the “stamina and tolerance needed to smoke, vape and generally consume weed daily. If you’re a cannabis lightweight, this opportunity isn’t for you.” Additionally, the company is looking for someone with a deep knowledge of cannabis cultivars and genetics, who can translate technical information into engaging writing, and is comfortable in front of a camera. That person also needs to live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal. Each week, CBD Oracle will ship out a batch of new products, from cannabis and CBD flower, to edibles, oils and tinctures, infused beverages and vaporizers, to the chosen reviewer. The reviews will follow Oracle’s rating criteria, which include things like effects, flavour and quality, and the reviewer is not expected to hold back if the products are garbage. With more than 170,000 readers, the reviewer will be making recommendations (or not) for an audience that includes both medical cannabis consumers and recreational users. “No matter which type of visitor being addressed in our reviews, we’re looking for someone who acts as their loyal and trusted guide, taking them by the hand and walking them through the entire purchasing process,” reads the job description. Applicants have until May 10 to apply and the…

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