Twitterverse unimpressed with U.K. police seizure of 800 small baggies of suspected cannabis

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The Enfield arm of the Metropolitan Police Service in the U.K. received a bit of pushback from social media after celebrating on Twitter about a recent bust in which they seized about 800 small bags of weed. “Great proactive policing from #NorthArea Tasking Team,” the tweet read, explaining that the bust occurred after officers spotted two males leaving an address who, seeing the police, opted to change direction. The change wasn’t sufficient to deter officers, who ended up arresting both males and recovering 800-plus bags of weed. “Both arrested for drug offences,” notes the tweet . The police tried to brag about busting this guy for weed but no one was having it The police sawed through a front door to seize ‘half a joint’ from a parent feeding their three-year-old Man robs cannabis dispensary, escapes police custody while still handcuffed  Many commenters were ready with push-back on all manner of issues, ranging from using policing resources elsewhere to recreational cannabis not being legal in the U.K. and the apparent divide regarding how weed and alcohol is treated by law enforcement. “How about actually doing something to get rid of the growing gangs and knife crime? London used to be a nice place to live, now its a hell hole to be ashamed,” noted one comment . “Still ridiculous that it’s illegal,” added another . One person wanted an explanation. “Question. How many pot heads and how many piss heads did you arrest at the weekend? I bet my bollocks to a barn dance you arrested far more people for alcohol related crime,” the post read. For others, it was all about availability . “Summer ruined.” The Met Police notes there are three pots under the antisocial behaviour umbrella: Personal antisocial behaviour is when a person targets a specific individual…

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Source : Twitterverse unimpressed with U.K. police seizure of 800 small baggies of suspected cannabis

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