Top 10 Autoflowering Sativas (2021)


Autoflowering cannabis plants are increasingly popular due to being super easy to grow. They rarely require pruning or training of any kind, grow faster than photoperiods, and due to their short stature suit limited sized grow spaces or stealthy outdoor grows. They generally exhibit strong, sturdy and resilient genetics and what’s more, there is no need to worry about specific light cycles for flowering, making them perfect for beginner growers. Autoflowering sativas Sativa strains are generally associated with a more upbeat and energetic high than indicas, which can be heavy hitting, sedating and leave you couch locked if you overdo it! For the daytime smoke, for working, creativity or socialising, sativas are often the preferred choice. However from a growers perspective they can take longer to get to harvest, and be a little less resilient and fussy. This is where the cross with a ruderalis strain comes in handy, giving the sativa more resilience and a faster grow period. Here are Seedsman’s top 10 autoflowering sativa dominant hybrids – many of which are included in our current 3 for 2 autoflower promotion (running until June 28th 2021). #10 Expert Seeds New York Diesel Auto New York Diesel Auto is a sativa-dominant strain bred from New York Diesel and a secret ruderalis strain. This auto has a well loved pungent diesel flavour coupled with sweet citrus and red grapefruit tones. It is delicious tasting and with high levels of THC produces a delightfully cerebral high and energetic buzz, making it great for motivation, socialising and physical activities. Therapeutic benefits are claimed for New York Diesel Auto – improving appetite, relieving pain and nausea, depression, migraines, muscle spasms, anxiety, and stress while increasing energy. #9 Phoenix Seeds AK27 Auto Since the mid- 1990s AK genetics have been in demand by a large…

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