Tommy Chong’s workout advice for Arnold Schwarzenegger? No need to smoke the whole joint

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Arnold Schwarzenegger realized Jimmy Kimmel was guiding him back to yesteryear for a little pot reminiscing — a pool into which many a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live has enthusiastically dipped a toe — but was totally game. Kimmel asked why Schwarzenegger had advised his son, Patrick, to abstain from smoking weed while recently posting a photo in his newsletter of himself and Tommy Chong from back in the day. Noting that this was in the early Cheech and Chong days, “that would indicate to me that something was up,” Kimmel quipped. ‘Stoner-cisers’ are putting cannabis stereotypes to rest Woman laid off from her hospital job uses unemployment money to open cannabis-friendly gym Study: Exercise can offset depressive symptoms that may accompany frequent weed use “I’m telling you, you’re busting me big time here,” Schwarzenegger laughed. But, indeed, something was “up,” albeit not right off the bat. Schwarzenegger and Chong met at Venice Beach outside the then weightlifting area back in the early 1970s, relayed the former California governor, action movie star and budding voice actor on Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten . Chong told Inside Edition that before moving to Los Angeles, his dream to work out at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. When he got a membership, he became part of the gang of bodybuilders there, he said.

“Tommy and I became very good friends,” Schwarzenegger told Kimmel, discussing that both had “big, big dreams.” After becoming “the biggest and the best bodybuilder,” Schwarzenegger wanted to segue into “getting into the movies and being a leading man and all of this stuff.” Chong, who Schwarzenegger remembers as being stoned for many of those and other conversations, wanted to break new ground in comedy. Being the 1970s, there was plenty of weed around and Schwarzenegger did partake from…

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Source : Tommy Chong’s workout advice for Arnold Schwarzenegger? No need to smoke the whole joint

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