This Canadian company claims it can yield 980 grams of cannabis per plant

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A Canadian company headquartered in Kelowna, B.C., has announced its most recent harvest resulted in 980 grams of dried cannabis per plant, or about 35 ounces. Under perfect outdoor growing conditions, a yield closer to 500 grams per plant is usually expected. It’s more than double the amount Allied Corp. achieved with its first harvest, when each plant averaged about 424 grams of cannabis. Tips and tricks to growing cannabis at home Home grows have taken on an entirely different meaning for cannabis companies and enthusiasts during the pandemic Canadians sprouting increased enthusiasm for growing cannabis at home Allied’s growing operations are based in Columbia, where the company has an average production cost of $0.05 cents per gram. The company maintains a weekly rolling harvest. Currently, there are 9,000 plants in the flowering cycle that are expected to be harvested in the coming weeks. “The harvest volumes and consistent frequency that we are seeing out of our site in Colombia should position Allied to provide long-standing, consistent supply and demonstrate scale to be offered to the international marketplace,” said Calum Hughes, CEO of Allied in a statement . Allied is approved by the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture to grow 20 different cultivars, or strains, and is currently conducting Phase I clinical trials with a proprietary compound of psilocybin and CBD called ALID-10 and ALID-11. With 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of darkness year-round, Colombia offers the “most suitable environment to grow cannabis at scale, ensuring consistently high volume, excellent quality and efficient productivity.” In addition to yield, Allied says it has also steadily increased the cannabinoid percentages of its plants. Its psychoactive varieties have repeatedly exceeded 29 per cent THC, while its CBD-focused strains clock in around 25 per cent.

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Source : This Canadian company claims it can yield 980 grams of cannabis per plant

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