The Top Print Publications In the Cannabis Industry


It is truly a labor of love to put out a regular print publication. A combination of writers, artists, printers, and distributors. Not to mention the trying to sell the advertising to pay for all of this. While most of us consume our media on our phones, there is something deeply satisfying when reading a story on paper accompanied by beautiful photographs. The pictures on our phones just don’t have the same impact. Plus, who doesn’t love to see themselves or their company featured in a print publication? So with that said, we put together a list of the top cannabis industry print publications. They are listed in alphabetical order. A Different Leaf Michael Kusek founded A Different Leaf magazine in 2018. They are based and focused in Massachusetts. Their premier issue debuted in the summer of 2019. A Different Leaf provides a roadmap to the landscape of cannabis for new and experienced consumers in Massachusetts. Their issues feature medical, legal, and social topics. Other topics include food, nutrition, and fitness, travel and tourism, arts and culture as well as products. Their bi-weekly podcast features conversations with personalities and experts from across the United States and the cannabis industry. Broccoli Magazine Current editor-in-chief Anja Charbonneau founded Broccoli in Portland Oregon. The magazine prides itself on its all-women editorial team. They encourage the discovery and intelligent appreciation of cannabis through experimental and engaging explorations of art, culture, and fashion. Broccoli is published three times a year. Their podcast, Broccoli Talk, is published every two weeks. Vogue has said, “uncharted territory seems to be Broccoli’s preferred environment.” Dazed said about the magazine, “Charbonneau and her all-woman team underline what is actually no surprise to anyone: that ambitious and creative women smoke.” Cannabis Business Times Cannabis Business Times was founded…

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