Texas House Approves Bills To Expand Medical Marijuana Program And Reduce Penalties For Concentrates

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For the second day in a row, the Texas House of Representatives has advanced marijuana reform legislation, approving a bill on Wednesday to significantly expand the state’s medical cannabis program and a separate proposal to reduce penalties for possessing marijuana concentrates. A broader cannabis decriminalization measure is also set to be taken up by the chamber on Thursday. Advocates have been closely monitoring the House as members consider a slew of reform bills this session. This week is proving especially busy for drug policy in the Lone Star State, where legislators in the House Public Health Committee on Monday also approved a measure requiring the state to study the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA. The medical cannabis expansion proposal that passed the chamber on second reading on Wednesday would add cancer, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as conditions that could qualify people for the state’s limited medical cannabis program. It passed in the House Public Health Committee earlier this month. The legislation would further allow the Department of State Health Services to add more qualifying conditions via administrative rulemaking. And it would also raise the THC cap for medical marijuana products from 0.5 percent to five percent. As originally brought to the floor, the bill would have only allowed PTSD as a qualifying condition for military veterans, but its sponsor, Rep. Stephanie Klick (R), introduced an amendment to allow anyone with PTSD to access medical cannabis. That was approved without objection. “Believe it or not, the number [of people with PTSD] is actually higher for survivors of sexual assault, than it is for veterans,” she said. “And we need to include them, in that sexual assault is more likely to cause PTSD than any other event.” But advocates want even broader expansions to the medical cannabis…

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Source : Texas House Approves Bills To Expand Medical Marijuana Program And Reduce Penalties For Concentrates

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