Teens plant a different kind of “trees” to recognize World Environment Day

Growth op

A group of teens in Kerala, India celebrated World Environment Day this weekend by planting some so-called “trees,” albeit not the type of greenery that organizers and officials likely had in mind. Two illicit cannabis plants were discovered growing along the roadside in Kerala’s Kollam District. Authorities are now on the hunt for the green-thumbed enthusiasts. Officials report that on June 5, multiple organizations held events and activities in honour of World Environment Day in the same location where the plants were found. A group of youths taking part in the festivities were seen planting some “trees” by the roadside, which leads to the National Highway. Tour plus garden plus cannabis equals raid: RCMP searches B.C. couple’s property after garden tour reveals three pot plants Authorities on the lookout for mystery horticulturalist who planted 34 cannabis plants in Vermont’s Statehouse flower beds Courtyard of historic Argentine synagogue transformed into small weed grow-op “Let this plant grow here,” the youths allegedly declared before planting the weed and snapping a few photos of their ganja gardening. Local authorities were not likewise enthused about the herbal handiwork, decidedly at odds with the youngsters’ directive when they received a tip from an alleged eyewitness. “A person who noticed the activity found their actions suspicious and informed the excise department. During the search, two saplings around 15 centimetres and 30 cm in height were recovered,” assistant excise commissioner K. Suresh Babu told India Today . While the cultivation of hemp (cannabis with less than 0.3 per cent THC, the intoxicating compound in the plant) is legal in India, the National Policy on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances prohibits the possession and cultivation of high-THC cannabis. The plants were removed, but the tree-loving pot-scapers remain at large.

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