Students with more relaxed views of cannabis more likely to get behind the wheel after consuming

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Canadian investigators exploring the views of high school students who drive after consuming cannabis say additional research is required to determine if attitudinal changes are linked to behavioural changes. Looking specifically at Canadian adolescents, researchers assessed the prevalence of cannabis-impaired driving and its related sociodemographic, psychological and knowledge-based correlates, notes an abstract of the study, published online this week in Preventive Medicine . Using data drawn from the 2017 Ontario Student Health and Drug Use Survey — before recreational cannabis was legalized — the study involved 1,161 high school students who had valid driver’s licences. Most weed smokers don’t think use is impairing their vision Teen blames ‘passive smoking’ by passenger for positive THC reading during roadside test Study finds that using CBD alone has no negative impact on driving ability What researchers found was that 10 per cent of Ontario high schoolers admitted to having driven within an hour after using weed in the last year. Additionally, students with more relaxed views towards weed were more likely to do so. In fact, probable cannabis dependence, low perceived risk of marijuana use, pro-legalization attitudes and male gender were all “significantly associated with driving under the influence of cannabis,” the abstract notes. The findings appear to be in line with those of another Canadian study last year. “Students perceiving minimal risk from cannabis use reported greater engagement in cannabis-related risky driving behaviours,” authors found, emphasizing the need to “disseminate appropriate information regarding cannabis-related driving risks to high school students.” “You are not a safer driver when you’re high,” according to the Ontario government . “Cannabis affects your judgment, coordination and reaction time, and increases your chances of being in a collision,” the information notes, adding that police reports indicate 74 people were killed in collisions involving a driver under the influence…

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Source : Students with more relaxed views of cannabis more likely to get behind the wheel after consuming

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