Stray dog smells something fishy, makes huge cannabis bust

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A stray dog with an apparent nose for nugs inadvertently discovered a stash of cannabis bricks worth over PHP2 million (about $50,000) this weekend in Tuguegarao City. Kalinga police director Col. Davy Vicente Limmong reported that two cardboard boxes were left, seemingly abandoned, in an empty lot in the town of Tinglayan some time early Sunday morning, according to Inquire Net . The boxes were packed with multiple cannabis bricks that were reportedly concealed among a large quantity of dried fish. According to local eyewitnesses, the Kalinga canine picked up on the sativa-seafood scent and found the boxes, ripping them to pieces and revealing their illicit contents. North American canines unwittingly consuming more cannabis: study Teens plant a different kind of “trees” to recognize World Environment Day A woman scorned. Suspected infidelity prompts wife to plant cannabis in husband’s rickshaw Packing illicit cannabis with other goods is a commonly used tactic by local crime syndicates to conceal the drug, Limmong is quoted as saying. Cannabis has been prohibited in the Philippines since 1972, with legal penalties for the importation, cultivation, manufacture or sale of cannabis in the country carrying heavy fines and/or a prison sentence of 12 years to life. The authorities have neither identified the sender nor the intended recipient of the boxes. So far there has been no word on the fate of the stray dog and/or whether it consumed any of the weed. Dogs who ingest cannabis can experience a range of concerning symptoms , including breathing problems, seizures, tremors, incontinence and loss of balance, with symptoms oftentimes appearing between one and 12 hours after consumption.

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Source : Stray dog smells something fishy, makes huge cannabis bust

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