'Stoner-cisers' are putting cannabis stereotypes to rest

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In a recent interview with Business Insider , 26-year-old comedian Dan LaMorte discussed how cannabis helped him take control of his health. His perspective on exercise changed a few years ago, after consuming cannabis before going on a hike. He started to regularly incorporate cannabis into his fitness routine, and suddenly going to the gym and exercising didn’t seem so bad. Two years later, he’s lost 180 pounds and completed his first ultramarathon. “[Cannabis] was the thing that would get me out the door and a reward system when I got home to help relax my legs while I stretch,” LaMorte told Business Insider. “If it makes running interesting, it can make healthy food interesting. Next thing I knew, I was actually enjoying salad.” Cannabis users exercise much more than you think A surprising number of people support working out stoned Can cannabis help with recovery post-workout? Stories like LaMorte’s are more common than one might believe. An outdated stereotype of cannabis consumers is that they are often stuck to the couch with a bag of chips in hand. But increasingly, from anecdotal evidence to longitude studies, the data is showing that this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a 2019 study  published in  Frontiers in Public Health, people who consume cannabis prior to exercising tend to work out longer and also enjoy their sessions more. The study found that, on average, people who consumed cannabis before exercise worked out 2.5 hours more on a weekly basis than those who abstain from the plant. “Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place,” triathlete Clifford Drusinsky told Men’s Journal in 2014. “When I get high, I train smarter and focus on form.” Increasingly, other professional athletes are speaking out about their cannabis use. When…

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Source : 'Stoner-cisers' are putting cannabis stereotypes to rest

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