Sometimes I get high and cook up a storm

Sometimes I get high is a series about the activities you do or things you think about when you’re high, in deep detail, for the fun of it. Things like playing Barack Obama one-on-one, watching Snoop Dogg’s sketch comedy show, and getting high having a mesmerizing night in the kitchen. The sky had turned a nighttime blue by the time I opened up a Malbec and took a puff of my joint. I hadn’t rolled or smoked one in a long time, but it was the first warm spring day and I wanted to get high and spend the next three or so hours in the kitchen, chopping tomatoes and basil, tossing them with salt and pepper, toasting an ancient grain baguette, preparing prosciutto and vino rosso for plating, and drizzling baklouti green chili pepper olive oil. I wanted a sandwich and salad: that cross between old-school New York City deli and fancy Italian café. And I wanted to munch on my final product in the kitchen, where I’m notorious for standing while eating. More than usual, I felt like a serial taste tester. I immediately knew how the salt accentuated the crispness of my tomatoes, how ideal of a combination they made with basil, and how Malbec would quench a weed-induced-thirst in a way that water could not. I could sense this as Keith Jarrett’s “Treasure Island” persisted in a place far closer than the background. I had put on a Jarrett CD while driving earlier that day: windows down, sunset emerging. I would be in transit the next day as well – road tripping throughout the Mountain West with my sister for two weeks, before ending up at my uncle’s ranch in Oracle, an unincorporated town outside of Tucson, Arizona. “It’s more fun to eat when you’re hungry,” Jim Harrison…

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