Smoking weed and listening to Pink Floyd opened Liam Gallagher’s mind

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Like many who puffed a doobie while listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb,’ former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher recently said that he drew inspiration and creativity from the experience as it opened his mind. All that mind-opening wasn’t immediate, though, according to an episode last year of the part-radio, part-podcast offering, ChillDaBeat s . Indeed, the whole thing was a bit terrifying for the teen sitting among other teens who were as stoned as he was, reports the now 48-year-old rocker, reports Music News . Seth Rogen releases funny PSA with a serious message about portion control for weed newbies Forget lost weekend. Newsmax host claimed smoking pot caused four-day blackout, but commenters say he got ‘roofied’ Man found passed out with gun after gang initiation required him to drink liquor, smoke weed and fire a weapon Thinking back, Gallagher now said he believes the experience allowed him to see things from new perspectives, according to ChillDaBeats, a new offering from Phil Taggart, a BBC broadcaster, podcaster and music consultant. Steven, a slightly older friend of Gallagher’s when he was a teen, would invite him and others over to listen to “The Wall.” “He used to have all these albums and we were all smoking weed and he’d close the curtains and he’d go, ‘Listen, just listen.’ We were all stoned out of our heads at about two in the afternoon,” and if anyone suggested opening the curtains—just a little bit—their host would knowingly say, ‘Nah, just keep them closed man,’ so we’d be sitting there in pitch darkness terrified,” Gallagher relayed. When a teen, that sort of new, intense and mind-opening experience was “like we’d seen a ghost, it was petrifying. But as you get older you sit there and go, ‘I’m glad I actually listened to that stoned…

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Source : Smoking weed and listening to Pink Floyd opened Liam Gallagher’s mind

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