Smoking cannabis did not help young people kick opioid use: case reports

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Despite the promise of cannabis as a therapy for opioid use disorder (OUD), a new pilot study suggests young people who smoked weed to avoid returning to opiate use reported the approach was ineffectual and promoted relapse. That is the finding of a pre-proof study that synopsizes the experiences of 26 adolescents and young adults — 18 males and eight females between 14 and 22 — who have OUD and were in an intensive outpatient treatment program. The patients “who tried to smoke marijuana as a harm reduction strategy to not return to opioid use were not successful. Smoking marijuana appeared to enhance cravings and urges for opiates and promoted relapse to opiate use,” the study author writes. In fact, every person “relapsed back to opiate use.” Could LSD be used to treat pain? This company is about to find out Using weed at a younger age could mean faster development of substance use disorders Chronic migraine patients who use cannabis to ease symptoms could end up with ‘rebound’ headaches: study Investigators came to the conclusion after subjects were screened for OUD, asked if they had ever tried cannabis to help reduce their opioid abuse and then interviewed by a senior staff member. Among the factors considered were drug use prior to developing OUD, length of time between sobriety and first relapse by smoking cannabis, effects of smoking weed on cravings and urges, and time between relapse on cannabis and return to opiate use. All program participants “said they were motivated by the desire to get high and by the belief that smoking marijuana would help them to not return to opiate use,” notes the study abstract. Additionally, “all said that smoking marijuana increased their cravings and urges for opiates, and within a range of one day to six weeks…

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Source : Smoking cannabis did not help young people kick opioid use: case reports

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