Smell of weed and sound of fans lead police to $1 million illegal grow-op

Growth op

Yet another empty industrial unit served as a great hiding place for an illegal cannabis grow-op… until it didn’t. This past weekend, local police discovered the more than 1,000 plant-strong grow at the industrial estate in Clydebank, 10 kilometres from Glasgow, after letting their ears and noses lead the way. Officers on patrol in the area at about 5:20 a.m. on May 1 could reportedly smell the cannabis and heard the sound of large fans operating, according to the Clydebank Post . Once inside, they discovered a sophisticated operation in the smelly, noisy warehouse. Reported robbery kicks off police probe that leads to massive cannabis find Two people, including a 15-year-old, arrested in connection with cannabis grow worth $10.3 million This man called the police to report a potential burglary, but got busted for growing cannabis instead Appearing to be well-established cultivation, the publication notes, the plants have an estimated street value of £600,000 ($1 million). Clydebank Post reports forensic crews were on site over the weekend to gather evidence and dispose of the weed, fans, lighting, tubing and other items. “This is a significant recovery of illegal substances that were bound for our local communities,” Chief Inspector Coleen Wylie told the publication. “We are committed to tackling organized crime and the production and supply of illegal substances, as we realize the impact and harm this causes for individual and local communities,” Wylie added. An investigation into who is responsible for or involved in the illegal grow is continuing. The smell of weed from either smoking or growing has long attracted unwanted attention. Consider the Ohio teen whose mom was called after police smelled the skunk of weed as he drove past with an open window. For suspicions that something might be a cultivation site, Metropolitan Police cite features like…

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Source : Smell of weed and sound of fans lead police to million illegal grow-op

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