Seth Rogen releases funny PSA with a serious message about portion control for weed newbies

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Cannabis connoisseur and entrepreneur Seth Rogen has a message for people who are new to cannabis or are making a return after years away: Take a hit and wait 15 minutes to see if another one is needed. The hilarious video opens with a throw-back message to be considerate of others by rewinding, a sentiment that might be lost on many today. Rogen is seen welcoming viewers back to Houseplant Presents. He notes the lesson of the day — the apparently hand-held camera clumsily zooms in close on his face — is meant to help people achieve a firmer grasp of the importance of portion control. Seth Rogen says using weed helped him deal with undiagnosed ADHD A too-stoned-on-edibles Seth Rogen knew it was time to leave the Golden Globes when ‘Walter White’ asked: ‘Are you okay?’ Seth Rogen spreads his love of weed south of the border The retro-looking offering, complete with scratchy-looking video, then shows several people at a party, looking impossibly unhip and stilted. One woman reaches for a joint as another woman asks in an obviously scripted way: “Are you sure? You don’t ingest cannabis frequently.” But the first woman appears game. Joint in hand, she responds to those worries with an exaggeratedly playful, no-concerns-here shrug. “Don’t worry about me,” she says as the other guest looks on with growing uneasiness, foreshadowing the hair-raising events that are about to unfold. The dread comes quickly. One puff and the smoker’s feigned confidence transforms into trepidation and fear as ominous music builds in the background. Twitching, the woman, excuses herself. “I have to go to the barfroom. I mean bathroom,” she adds with a near-hysterical “Ha, ha. Whoops.” Barely closing the bathroom door, the other woman knocks. “You okay in there?” she asks. The woman responds she’s fine.…

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Source : Seth Rogen releases funny PSA with a serious message about portion control for weed newbies

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