Seedsman Meets Mahmoud Harachi From Dutch Passion in 420 livestream


One the big highlights of our recent 420 livestream was the chance to catch up with Mahmoud Harachi, head of genetics and new territories at legendary seedbank Dutch Passion. Known for its top-class genetics and famous for having inventing feminised seeds, Dutch Passion is a household name among all weed aficionados worldwide, and while Mahmoud says it’s been a quiet year for the company due to the coronavirus pandemic, some exciting plans are in place for the future. Related Post Win Seedsman’s Brand New 420 Strains Your Questions For Dutch Passion – Answered By Mahmoud Q: In ten years’ time, will Dutch Passion only produce feminised seeds? A: “No, never. We always keep regular seeds available for those who need it.” During the live chat, Mahmoud recounted the story of how Dutch Passion founder Henk van Dalen first invented feminised seeds by stressing his female plants into becoming hermaphrodites, and using the pollen from these plants to create an F1 generation with two X chromosomes. After collaborating with scientists in India, van Dalen discovered that this process could be enhanced by using colloidal silver to increase the rate of hermaphroditism among his female plants. “In the mid-90s, Dutch Passion was the only company to offer feminised seeds, and now it’s the standard in the industry,” says Mahmoud. However, the company continues to also offer regular seeds, including some that are not bred to stability, as this keeps things interesting for phenotypers and breeders who want to mix and match their genetics. Q: What’s your favourite strain to grow and smoke? A: “I think American Tulip if I have to choose one from the Dutch Passion collection, and then my all-time favourite in general is the Cheese… that’s a strain that you never get tired of smoking. It has such as…

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