Police discover half a kilo of weed stuffed in frozen chickens

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A routine stop-and-search exercise at a police checkpoint in Guyana turned out to be anything but when officers discovered a cooler containing 11 frozen chickens with not-so-traditional stuffing: cannabis. Bait and switch? ‘Fishing bait’ among labels drug smugglers used to try to sneak weed into Ireland Seven weird ways people have tried smuggling weed If someone drove into the river, would you? Yes… if your minivan had a half-ton of weed inside This past Saturday morning, officers stopped motor lorry GZZ 3698 operated by a 46-year-old resident of West Coast Demerara and transporting 12 passengers, according to Stabroek News . During their search, they spied the cooler — owned by one of the passengers, a 40-year-old female shop owner in Best Village — and opened it up. Inside, they found the weed-stuffed birds, recovering about 565 grams of cannabis from bulky parcels wrapped in plastic and foil that had been jammed into the poultry, the police reported on Monday, per Guyana Times . The shop owner was arrested. Police said she admitted to owning the drugs and explained, “Officer, I buy this weed from a girl to go and sell,” according to Stabroek News. She, along with the seized weed, was taken to the Bartica Police Station. The woman remains detained while the police investigation continues. According to PRIDE News , a bill was tabled earlier this year that would allow someone caught with 15 grams of cannabis to avoid jail time, but be subject to counselling. As it stands, possession of cannabis could result in a trafficking charge that carries a prison sentence of as long as three to five years. There is no shortage of examples of people trying to smuggle cannabis inside of food. The seemingly endless possibilities — all of which proved unsuccessful — have included…

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Source : Police discover half a kilo of weed stuffed in frozen chickens

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