Pennsylvania couple launches DIY, hemp-based tiny home kit

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Only three tools are needed to assemble the Traveler , a DIY cabin made from hempcrete, designed and developed by husband and wife Drew Oberholtzer and Anastasiya Konopatskaya. Prompted by the pandemic, and the desire for a quiet backyard space, the Pennsylvania-based couple debuted the 140 sq. ft. shelter on Earth Day last month. Builders are swapping cement for weed to reduce pollution Nike gives classic sneaker a hemp makeover Is hemp the future of cannabis packaging? The couple has been building and designing with hempcrete, a mixture of hemp hurd, lime and sand, for the past three years. “We were struggling to get our work done with two small children at home,” Oberholtzer told Dwell. “We kept thinking — if only we could have a tiny office in the backyard.” They own and operate the design firm Coexist Build, as well as a regenerative organic farm, where they test out different plant-based building materials. “When hemp, lime and water are combined, it creates an assembly that is mould-, fire- and insect-resistant. It’s perfect for climates like ours in the Northeast, but also for humid places like Florida and dry ones like California,” the couple told Dwell . The Traveler kit starts at US$26,900 ($32,500) and comes with labelled pre-cut parts. The tiny house can be assembled by a team of two and the only tools required are an electric drill, mallet and a screw gun. The timber is locally sourced and the kit is free from contaminants like volatile organic compounds and allergens. There are customizable options for the interior and exterior cladding, as well as the insulation. The couple estimates that the hempcrete’s natural ability to regulate temperature will save owners about 40 per cent in traditional heating and cooling costs. Alberta-based Just BioFiber is another company working…

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Source : Pennsylvania couple launches DIY, hemp-based tiny home kit

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