Opinion: Cannabis advocates praise billion-dollar market, but seem wary of big business

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Cannabis brings big money to those U.S. states willing to legalize. This is the message marijuana advocates have been preaching for years, and they take every opportunity to praise it as a selling point. Some of the latest numbers prove that the sale of cannabis products is poised to become one of the largest, tax-generating inebriation markets in the U.S. A new study from the Marijuana Policy Project finds that aboutb US$7.9 billion in tax revenue has been made from pot sales since 2014. At the same time, local governments benefited to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other words, if states need a new revenue stream, legal weed is the ticket. Chuck Schumer’s Senate Balancing Act Could Impact Marijuana Reform Top Democratic Senators say draft of cannabis reform measures will be released in “the early part of this year” Neither U.S. presidential candidate has a weed-friendly history, but that won’t stop them from calling each other out over it Although the amount of money spent on cannabis in the U.S. is impressive, why do advocates act so surprised when they see reports that continue to show an uprising of pot profits with each passing year? Of course, marijuana is selling like mad. Cannabis is now legal in more than half of the U.S. for various reasons, with 17 of those states allowing it to be sold like beer. People no longer need to frequent the black market to buy weed — although many still do — creating a situation where the cash that was once spent on illegal sources has gone legit. There’s also the novelty factor associated with the cannabis market. People who may have never used marijuana before (or those who tried it in their youth) are gravitating toward the legal weed scene because…

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Source : Opinion: Cannabis advocates praise billion-dollar market, but seem wary of big business

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