Ontario man passes police vehicle at double the speed limit with open liquor and cannabis in his car

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Police officers had just finished responding to a fatal accident when a 51-year-old man from Richmond Hill, Ont. came roaring up behind them at more than double the speed limit earlier this week. The man was clocked at 195 km/h as he passed officers in a construction zone with workers present, per CBC News. When police caught up, they discovered open liquor and cannabis in the car. Stinky truck leads to Ontario police discovering 525 cannabis plants at RIDE check About $80K in cannabis, gummies and shatter seized from vehicle during RIDE check Smell of weed and sound of fans lead police to $1 million illegal grow-op The incident happened shortly before 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening near Highway 400 and King Road. “The vehicle went right by the officer in a fully marked [car] in a construction zone where workers were present,” OPP media relations officer Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told CBC. “The officer was able to keep an eye on him and get him stopped,” Schmidt said. The man’s vehicle was impounded for a week and his licence has been suspended for 90 days. He has also been charged with dangerous driving, refusing to provide a breath sample and having open liquor and cannabis inside his car. The law for transporting cannabis is similar to alcohol. Drivers can be charged if the cannabis is open and not in its original packaging. They can also be charged if the cannabis is not packed in baggage and is “readily available.” Last month, two Ontario residents were charged after driving through a RIDE check with hundreds of weed plants in the cab of their truck. The odour coming from the 525 plants was hard to miss . Both men, aged 27 and 34, were charged with possession of more than four cannabis…

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Source : Ontario man passes police vehicle at double the speed limit with open liquor and cannabis in his car

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