Officials hope that “Joints for Jabs” program will help get Washingtonians vaxxed

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Licensed dispensaries in Washington state have the government’s approval to give free weed to adults who have received COVID-19 vaccinations. Dubbed “Joints for Jabs,” licensed pot shops may offer a single pre-rolled joint to residents over the age of 21 who are vaccinated at an onsite clinic by July 12 as part of an effort to combat declining vaccination rates. According to the Washington Department of Health, less than half of residents aged 18 to 34 years are fully vaccinated, and only 52 per cent have received their first shot.  Sixty-three per cent of all Washingtonians 16 years or older have initiated their vaccines so far, the department reports. Marijuana justice group to give out free weed at COVID-19 vaccination sites New Zealand’s ‘green fairy’ has wings clipped for giving elderly free cannabis Cannabis may be an early contender in treatment of long-haul COVID symptoms Unvaccinated residents whose interest isn’t piqued by free pot, however, will have other options from which to choose. Last week, state Governor Jay Inslee announced a slew of new incentives in a bid to coax more Washingtonians to get shots in arms. The incentives included lottery cash drawings (with prizes of up to US$2 million, $2.4 million), sports tickets, higher education and tuition assistance, airline tickets and gaming systems. The state goal is to reopen June 30 or by the time 70 per cent of state residents have gotten their shot. “These generous programs will encourage more Washingtonians to take this life-saving vaccine,” Inslee said in a statement last week. “I hope people will see this as an opportunity to reopen even sooner than June 30 if we can stay motivated, stay informed and get more people vaccinated faster throughout the month of June,” the governor said. Washington State’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Umair Shah,…

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Source : Officials hope that “Joints for Jabs” program will help get Washingtonians vaxxed

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