North American canines unwittingly consuming more cannabis: study

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The number of dogs becoming ill from accidentally consuming THC-containing cannabis products is – like the dogs – becoming higher, according to data from a new University of Guelph study . According to experts, the increase in cannabis-intoxicated canines is directly linked to the increased legalization and/or decriminalization of the drug across North America in recent years. The evolving relationship between cannabis and veterinary medicine Who’s a good doggy? Martha Stewart launches cannabis pet products Is Toby the most-liked, drug-sniffing K9 on social media? “We found in the data that there was an association between a reduction in penalties for cannabis use and possession and dogs being poisoned with cannabinoids,” the study’s lead author Mohammad Howard-Azzeh said in a press release . “There is some evidence to suggest these poisoning events are increasing in the U.S.” The research team studied data from calls to the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) via veterinary database AnTox, which “stores comprehensive clinical animal toxicology data related to those calls, identifies and characterizes toxic effects of substances in animals” gleaned from reports from veterinarians and pet owners. While cannabis consumption is rarely fatal for dogs, even consuming small amounts of the drug – whether by inhalation or, more commonly, by eating it – the results can still be extremely serious. Dogs can experience symptoms such as loss of balance, urinary incontinence, vomiting, breathing problems, seizures, tremors, or even a coma. Symptoms can appear as long as 12 hours after ingestion, and in some cases can last for days. Although the results are based on U.S. data, clinicians say the results are also reflective of the situation in Canada. “We have evidence that dogs are being exposed to cannabis more frequently throughout the study,”…

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Source : North American canines unwittingly consuming more cannabis: study

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