No house to deal drugs from? No problem. Man sets up shop in short-term rental property

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Members of the Queensland Police Service discovered all the fixings for what looked like a drug-dealing operation at a short-term rental property allegedly set up by a 25-year-old Australian man. Police allege that the suspect rented the house, and later contacted the owners to extend his stay, notes a statement from Queensland Police . Having suspicions about goings-on at the rented property — and based on information received —police searched the property after his request was denied. Drugs could soon be decriminalized in the ACT. Here’s why that would be a positive step Extremely sick, elderly Australian man faces serious charges after being caught with 36 kilos of cannabis Researchers argue age-gating needed to prevent easy access to weed-vaping videos on YouTube The search this past weekend revealed stacks of cash totalling about AU$65,000 ($63,050), a money counter, a Cryovac machine, a mobile phone and approximately 10 kilograms of cannabis contained in vacuumed-sealed bags. The Brisbane man was identified and arrested in the area shortly following the raid. Denied bail, the man was “provided with short-term accommodation in the Brisbane City Watchhouse,” the police statement quips. He is scheduled to appear in court on Apr. 27 to answer separate charges of possessing dangerous drugs, tainted property “anything used in the commission of a crime under the Drugs Misuse Act .” In Queensland, Schedule 1 drugs include such things as heroin, cocaine and LSD, while Schedule 2 drugs include cannabis, methadone and opium. Some possession-related infractions can result in as long as 1 years imprison, according to Caxton Legal Centre Inc . Trafficking in Schedule 1 drugs, however, can lead to as long as 20 years imprisonment. “Even a single sale of a quantity of a drug, together with some proof that a business was being carried on, constitutes trafficking,” the…

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Source : No house to deal drugs from? No problem. Man sets up shop in short-term rental property

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