Nine civilians, including two juveniles, charged with stealing $325,000 worth of weed from not-so-secure cop shop

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A worse-for-wear hiding spot for seized cannabis at the Sauteurs Police Station in Grenada proved too tempting for a group of people who decided to steal some of it. Over a period of time, officers at the station noticed that some of the confiscated drugs were going missing. Taking remedial action, subsequent investigations “revealed that individuals fished out marijuana from the rear end of the building due to structural deficiencies,” according to the Royal Grenada Police Force. “The structural deficiency of the building has since been resolved,” notes the police report. But not before cannabis valued at EC$721,224 ($324,551) was removed from the storage facility at the police station. Panicked young smuggler mistakenly runs right into police station Tokyo man carrying cannabis livestreams surrender to police Man faces weed possession charge after crashing vehicle into cop shop According to The Jamaica Star , the cannabis was to be used as evidence in ongoing court matters. Police did not say how the suspects were identified, including if surveillance cameras from the station or nearby buildings were available. This past weekend, nine civilians — including two juveniles — were charged in connection with the robbery. It’s not clear if thieving was the usual M.O. of some accused, with police reporting the occupations of some as a boat builder, fisherman and farmer. Nonetheless, Ron Stanislaus and Ronnie Stanislaus were charged with handling a controlled drug, while Marvin Jeremiah, 34, Carlos Williams, 32, Kimon Alexander, 21, Kimani Alexander, 20, Travis Fullerton, 28, and two juveniles were charged with handling a controlled drug and stealing a quantity of cannabis. The accused appeared in court on May 17 and have been granted bail, ranging from EC$30,000 ($13,500) to EC$120,000 ($54,000), but placed on curfews of 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily, 5 p.m. to 5 a.m.…

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Source : Nine civilians, including two juveniles, charged with stealing 5,000 worth of weed from not-so-secure cop shop

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