Naturally Sustainable: Planting Fields of Hemp Has Huge Environmental Benefits


Fields of hemp are going to change the world. Thanks to decades of prohibition, hemp is both an ancient medicine and a new technology. A lot of people are well aware that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp; but far less know that it was fields of hemp that grew the British Empire. Less people know too, that hemp building materials helped repair Europe in the aftermath of the second world war. Thankfully, more and more people know that sustainable hemp is going to have a huge impact on our planet’s green future. Turns out hemp is a far more sustainable, and far more versatile, material than a lot of people imagined. Here’s how hemp is going to change the world for the better. Growing Sustainable Hemp For the Environment The earth’s once balanced climate is in a state of disarray, and humans are in the midst of a dramatic shift towards greener technologies, as a result. Thankfully, we’re beginning to enter a time where we not only see the results of our CO2 emissions and single-use lifestyle, we’re coming into an era when we can actually do something about it. People have buying power, and large corporations are recognizing this and greening themselves up as a result. Still, growing and producing some materials is far more detrimental to the environment than others. For example, the average consumer is still surrounded by single use plastics and non sustainable products. Thankfully, however, a huge number of these products have sustainable hemp substitutes; and knowledge of hemp as a sustainable replacement for many of these traditional products is only growing. Sustainable hemp plastics, hemp fabrics, hemp paper, and even hemp building supplies, are becoming more and more common by the day in North America. These products are coming about even…

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Source : Naturally Sustainable: Planting Fields of Hemp Has Huge Environmental Benefits

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