‘Munchies’ and a lack of focus stopped Jane Fonda from becoming a stoner

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Jane Fonda knew back in the day that, for her, weed-induced munchies were no friend to keeping fit and trim and the lack of focus she often felt when stoned didn’t help make her a convert. Cannabis has always made Fonda feel paranoid and overly hungry, according to Forbes . Although the two-time Academy Award winner has puffed some pot, it’s unlikely she would be characterized as a stoner or cannabis activist. “Needless to say, I have smoked pot in my life,” she told Forbes , but the high was oftentimes accompanied by the munchies, paranoia and a lack of focus. Jane Fonda is the CBD brand ambassador we need right now Summer guide: The best characters on TV are all weed-smoking moms Can celebrity-backed cannabis brands exist under Health Canada’s tight regulations? We’re only starting to find out how “I’ve never been able to work: either act, or write, or read, or go to the movies. I’ve never been able to really do anything that I wanted to focus on if I was stoned,” she said. Fonda’s view of cannabis has shaped into something entirely different over the years, particularly after “all the scientific approaches to cannabis” professionally and after CBD helped her with her troubled sleep personally. “It’s really amazing what’s happened, the way they’ve been able to segment out different parts of the weed. Its very impressive,” the 83-year-old told Forbes . With intake methods for cannabis broadening and becoming more first-time-user friendly, she sees a lot of possibilities. Indeed, her doctor suggested CBD four years ago when Fonda’s micrdose of Valium to help her sleep inevitably demanded a lunch-hour nap the next day to address “a kind of hangover.” That suggestion in hand, Fonda consulted with her local dispensary and came up with a vape pen…

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Source : ‘Munchies’ and a lack of focus stopped Jane Fonda from becoming a stoner

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