Mom paid $590 a week to support her teen’s weed habit

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An Irish judge is contemplating how punishment should continue for a 16-year-old boy whose mother was paying for his €400 ($588) a week cannabis habit when he was charged with impeding a drug search last year. Appearing this week in court for a pre-sentence probation report, the teenager, who was accompanied by his father, is awaiting sentence, reports Breaking News Ireland . Calling the circumstances a “strange set of affairs,” Judge Kelly noted the teen’s mother “was giving you money to buy cannabis,” to which he replied “yes.” Cop calls teen’s mom after passing by 19-year-old’s car and smelling cannabis Mom narcs on son: Police called after 17-year-old caught with weed and cannabis-infused treats Man accused of hiding weed in his two-year-old daughter’s coat pocket When the boy was 15, he pleaded guilty to concealing a suspected controlled substance in an intimate area of his underwear during an incident in Dublin in April of 2020. Since that time, Judge Paul Kelly of Dublin Children’s Court noted the boy, who has been under supervision, was working well with the probation service, according to Breaking News . Still, Judge Kelly said he had concerns about the teen’s ongoing cannabis use — he was still consuming about €100 ($147) worth of weed each week — and its potential impact on his mental health. He was also not ready to accept the Probation Service’s suggestion that supervision was no longer required. Nothing scientific, but a commenter to Mary Jane’s Diary in 2017 noted that in Ireland, people were paying about €25 ($37) per gram of cannabis; a 2015 GrassCity message board comment reported a gram could be had for about €10 ($15) or enough for two to three mid-size joints; and a 2018 Reddit post suggested a person should be able to get 3.2…

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