Minnesota Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Another House Committee, For A Total Of Ten So Far

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Another Minnesota House committee approved a bill to legalize marijuana on Saturday, raising the total number of panels that have advanced the proposal to 10. The Health Finance and Policy Committee passed the legislation by a vote of 11-8 at the joint hearing, which was held in conjunction with the Human Services Finance and Policy Committee—though only members of the former panel voted. House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler (D), Speaker Melissa Hortman (D) and other lawmakers filed the measure in February. It would allow adults 21 and older to purchase and possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to eight plants, four of which could be mature. Winkler told the committee that the bill “seeks to create a legalized regulated marketplace for cannabis, and to end criminal prohibition of cannabis and all of the racial inequity associated with the criminal prohibition of cannabis.” Another aim is to “create a space for Minnesota adults to legally use a product that can be used with relative safety, certainly as safely or more so than alcohol and cigarettes,” he said. Rep. Jeremy Munson (R) introduced an amendment that would have gutted the legalization bill and replaced it with provisions to simply decriminalize possession of marijuana and certain cannabis preparations, along with paraphernalia. But the committee chair ruled that the proposal was out of order because it dealt with criminal penalties and was not within the scope of the health panel’s jurisdiction. With Saturday’s vote, the number of committees that have passed the legalization bill entered into the double digits, making it one of most thoroughly vetted reform measures to move through a state legislature. And there’s still more to come—though Winkler said he expects a floor vote this month. Earlier this week, the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance…

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Source : Minnesota Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Another House Committee, For A Total Of Ten So Far

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