MedPharm to investigate potency in a wide range of cannabis products

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U.S.-based MedPharm hopes to shed light on whether or not cannabis users from members of the public to researchers are getting what they think they’re getting when it comes to weed potency. MedPharm reported Tuesday that Colorado state has awarded the company a research grant allowing it begin to evaluating cannabis potency as part of a three-year study, which it calls the first of its kind. Investigators will evaluate and compare cannabinoid product label claims to the actual cannabinoid content of the product, notes a statement from the medical cannabis manufacturer, research and development lab and compounding facility. Using weed at a younger age could mean faster development of substance use disorders It’s not all about potency: What should cannabis consumers look for in their weed? What is lab accreditation and what could it mean for your cannabis? “No prior study has systematically tested the full range of cannabis products sold in our state retail market,” Tyrell Towle, Ph.D., director of chemistry at MedPharm, says in the statement. Called “Is what you see what you get?” the study is regarded as particularly important “at a time when the cannabis industry continues to struggle with product claims and consistency as the industry matures,” the company reports. Over the three years, 480 authentic cannabis products will be randomly selected and purchased from state-licensed retail dispensaries. Each product will then be independently and blindly analyzed for cannabinoid content and the results will be sent to state policymakers and the public, according to MedPharm, which specializes in neuropharmacology. “The resulting information from the study will be highly relevant to our state’s testing policies and procedures, as well as to our patient/consumer community,” suggests Towle. Additionally, having a firmer grasp on content-to-label accuracy will help to better identify “trends in inter-laboratory consistency, shelf life and…

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Source : MedPharm to investigate potency in a wide range of cannabis products

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