Man robs cannabis dispensary, escapes police custody while still handcuffed 

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An Oklahoma City man has been recaptured by police after briefly escaping custody while in handcuffs, reports KOCO-TV . Police responded to a report of a robbery at a local dispensary around 3 a.m. and detained the man, but not for long. A man who was stopped while driving arrested for mailing 292 packages of weed Woman pleads guilty in connection to cannabis delivery service that brought in more than $17 million Reported robbery kicks off police probe that leads to massive cannabis find It’s not clear how the man evaded the officers, but he fled shortly after his arrest and was apparently not slowed by the fact that he was handcuffed. Officers allege that he then jumped into a stolen truck, with a getaway driver ready and waiting. The two men sped off on a short-lived chase, before crashing the vehicle. Police report both men are in custody after an hour-long search following the collision. The robbery reportedly involved thousands of dollars worth of cannabis products. Fleeing on foot is rarely successful, even if one takes measures, intentional or not, to be more aerodynamic. Take, for instance, the U.K. man who fled a cannabis grow when police arrived, only to get his clothing snagged, an then entirely ripped off , on a fence post. The man caught the attention of other residents on the street, who took to a local Facebook group to try and figure out what was happening. “Anyone know why a naked man ran through Cumberland Road park and down Oxford Street with about seven police officers?” one person posted. The 27-year-old man was later apprehended in a nearby back garden. According to the Facebook post, six female police officers took the man into custody, using upturned plant pots and garden chairs to boost him back…

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Source : Man robs cannabis dispensary, escapes police custody while still handcuffed 

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