Man arrested after police show up at the wrong address and discover an illegal cannabis grow

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Police in the U.K. responded to a call about a man in distress near the town of Burnley, U.K. last week, but instead of finding the man, officers accidentally stumbled upon an illegal cannabis grow. The police typed in the wrong address and shortly after arriving at the erroneous location, they discovered a cannabis grow with more than 40 plants. Mystery cannabis grower sprouts 146 plants in vacant home Supposedly vacant factory in Ontario filled will 10,000 cannabis plants An attempt to conceal a forest of pot plants near a greenhouse went bust when Ontario police came knocking Police forced their way into the home and found the plants in an upstairs bedroom, according to the Burnley Express . It is alleged the plants had a street value of £21,000 ($35,600) to £33,000 ($56,000). No one was home at the time, but a man linked to the address was later brought in for questioning. Inside the home, officers discovered scales and a machete, in addition to the plants and growing equipment. They also found letters and bills addressed to the homeowner. However, the homeowner denied any knowledge of the cannabis operation and said he’d allowed a friend to move into the home in 2019. There was no signed lease agreement for the informal arrangement and the friend, identified as Jamie Howarth, did not pay rent at the property. When brought in for questioning, Howarth provided a prepared statement, admitting to growing the plants for his personal use. He responded “no comment” to all further questions. Howarth was sentenced to 12 months in prison after entering a guilty plea. The homeowner was also charged with cultivating cannabis. He pleaded not guilty and is due in court in 2022. Police in the U.K. are not unfamiliar with discovering cannabis grows in abandoned…

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Source : Man arrested after police show up at the wrong address and discover an illegal cannabis grow

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