Macron at war with cannabis


As the 2022 French presidential elections get closer, Emmanuel Macron is trying to take centre stage to dictate the themes he hopes will be the focus of the next election campaign. It is no secret that he wants to face Marine Le Pen in the second round. It is therefore not surprising that he is pushing issues such as security, a theme particularly likely to attract the votes of the elderly, the part of the population most likely to go to the polling stations. Predictably, the French President’s security rhetoric includes an anti-drug argument overwhelmingly focused on cannabis. The French government and the fight against cannabis A few months ago, the parliament launched a public consultation to find out the opinion of the French on recreational cannabis. More than 80% of respondents were in favour of legalising the plant. However, Emmanuel Macron decided to ignore these opinions and launch an offensive against cannabis. In a recent interview, he put forward a series of guidelines for security-related action, with threats to security being closely linked to drug trafficking. For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has already spoken out against cannabis on numerous occasions. On 25 April, he went so far as to state that ‘cannabis has become a hard drug’ and announced the launch of an awareness campaign for the summer. Macron at war with cannabis traffickers In his interview, Emmanuel Macron called for ‘no respite for drug traffickers’ in order to ‘reduce delinquency’. These diatribes come in a particularly tense context, since on April 17th, the appeal judgement in the case of the police officers burnt in Viry-Châtillon in 2016 was handed down. As a reminder, two police cars in charge of monitoring a “deal point” were attacked with molotov cocktails, seriously injuring two police officers.…

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