Luxembourg and Switzerland legalise cannabis: EU to follow suit?


Luxembourg, cannabis and the EU Twenty years ago, in 2001, Luxembourg decriminalised the possession of cannabis. Luxembourg’s current government coalition signed a proposition in 2018 to explore the legalisation of recreational cannabis (Arellano 2021). Then, in the summer of 2019, the government made a surprise announcement that they intended to legalise recreational cannabis use. Luxembourg’s Health Minister, Etienne Schneider, argued that people buy weed of unknown quality and potency on the black market anyway and also risk being exposed to other drugs through dealers. Schneider pointed out that the drug policy adhered to by the government for the last fifty years had clearly failed; he has urged the other EU states to follow Luxembourg’s example and regulate a market that will not just disappear (Bercea 2020). In February 2020, details of the plans of the government of Luxembourg to legalise the recreational use of cannabis emerged (Deutsch 2021). Although Luxembourg has a small population, of only 626,000 people, the change in the law is likely to affect the considerations of Luxembourg’s larger, neighbouring EU countries: France, Germany and Belgium. It is expected that Luxembourg’s new policies and laws will be fully enacted by 2023. Proposed cannabis policy in Luxembourg In Luxembourg’s plans, drawn up by Schneider and Justice Minister Félix Braz, only adults over eighteen years old and registered as resident in the country would be able to buy cannabis from approved shops. Resident consumers would be entered into a government database so that they cannot buy more than permitted, the recommended limit on purchases being 30 gms a month per resident. Consumers would still not be allowed to grow their own weed. These conditions are intended to prevent cannabis tourism from other countries. However, as around 200,000 people commute daily from outside the country to work in Luxembourg, it…

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