Louisiana Governor Says He Has ‘Great Interest’ In Marijuana Legalization Bill Advancing In Legislature

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The governor of Louisiana said on Tuesday that he has “great interest” in a marijuana legalization bill that advanced out of a House committee hours earlier—a notable departure from his typical dismissive response to questions about the policy change. While Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) isn’t endorsing the legislation at this point, he stressed he would closely look at its provisions if it arrives on his desk. Historically, when asked about adult-use legalization, he has tended to flatly express opposition. But this time, as lawmakers in the Republican-led legislature are advancing the reform, the Democratic governor seemed to leave the door open to potentially embracing it. “As I almost always do, I will take a look at the bill as it arrives on my desk and see what it contains and what amendments have been added to it,” the governor said. “I’m not going to speculate now on that, but I do have great interest in that bill and what it says, especially if it does make it up to the fourth floor. I’ll take a look at it at that point and then make sure that you all know exactly how I feel about it.” It remains to be seen if the legalization bill, which cleared the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday and now heads to the floor, will make it to Edwards’s desk. But its passage through one panel so far, along with a separate decriminalization proposal, signals that reform does stand a chance in the traditionally conservative legislature this session. Edwards has been an anomaly among Democratic governors in his steadfast opposition to legalization. He’s signed legislation to expand the state’s medical cannabis program and support the hemp industry, but he’s consistently drawn the line there. “I’m just not in favor of legalizing marijuana,”…

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Source : Louisiana Governor Says He Has ‘Great Interest’ In Marijuana Legalization Bill Advancing In Legislature

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