Kids these days: Nine teens cited for buying cannabis with cryptocurrency

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Nine teens in southern Italy have been cited for buying cannabis and hash on the Internet with cryptocurrency, reports Ansa . Police allegedly found evidence of 10 purchases dated between June 2016 and June 2017 on the phone of one of the teens. U.K. cannabis raid yields secret bitcoin mine, but no weed All you need to know about cannabis and NFTs Jailed weed dealer relinquishes almost $2 million in Bitcoin — over $150 million still remains locked away behind a secret lost code It’s not clear just how much weed was purchased, but the teens have been accused of distributing as well as possessing the drugs. The teens allegedly used Bitcoin to make the purchases, believing that the cryptocurrency would allow them to evade detection, police said. They have been cited with the minors’ court prosecutor in Naples. In Italy, cannabis is legal for medical and industrial use. The possession of small amounts for personal use is a misdemeanour and individuals may be subject to a fine, as well as the suspension of some personal documents, such as a driver’s licence or passport. Distributing cannabis can lead to jail time, however, as can unlicensed cultivation. A recent raid on a suspected cannabis grow in the U.K. found no cannabis, but instead uncovered a Bitcoin mining operation with 100 computers . While the mining activity itself was not illegal, the electricity had been bypassed. Further investigation eventually led to the arrest of 84 individuals, as well as the seizure of firearms and large quantities of unspecified drugs.

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Source : Kids these days: Nine teens cited for buying cannabis with cryptocurrency

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