Kansas Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee

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A Kansas House committee on Tuesday approved a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Members of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee adopted a series of amendments before advancing the legislation in a 12-8 vote. This is the second time that panel has approved the reform proposal this session. After passing in March, it was sent to the House floor but was then rereferred back to the committee for further consideration. “If we should at some point in time run this on the floor, there will be a number of amendments,” Chairman John Barker (R) said at the opening of the meeting. “Some will get attached, some will not.” Advocates are hopeful that the bill can clear the full House and Senate in the coming days during the legislative veto session. In the committee on Tuesday, Rep. Blake Carpenter (R) filed a wide-ranging amendment that was accepted in a voice vote. It would allow counties to opt out of allowing cannabis dispensaries in their jurisdiction, protect gun rights of patients, clarify restrictions on advertising, remove housing and employment protections for patients and require a minimum six-month relationship between a patient and physician, with some exceptions, before medical marijuana can be recommended. If cannabis is federally rescheduled, the revision calls for references in the bill to “recommendation” be changed to “prescription.” It would also make it so the state’s drug schedule would automatically change to align with any new federal classification. Further, it would make changes to the cannabis advisory board, mandate that marijuana be cultivated in a secure fashion indoors and require disclosures of any foreign financial interest in a cannabis business. Another approved change came from the state treasurer. It would strike the requirement that a payment processing system be “closed-loop.” — Marijuana Moment is already…

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Source : Kansas Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee

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