Kafer: Stop with the glorification of marijuana — young Coloradans are listening

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“Do you know what today is?” a 13-year-old blurted out during science class. “It’s 4/20 and you know what that means.” Several boys nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, THC is cool,” said another student. When I suggested otherwise, a student remarked, “It’s better than drinking.” Glad to hear children today have internalized the marijuana industry’s marketing material because that’s exactly what impressionable and vulnerable 8th graders need  — the glorification of cannabis. So kudos to the Colorado state government for amplifying the “THC is cool” message last week. These boys could be on their way to a solid habit in no time. The average age of the first toke in Colorado is 14 years old. According to the 2019 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, 11% of 12- and 13-year-olds and 20% of kids over 14 had tried marijuana. The survey found usage was higher among urban, minority youth. Some kids will smoke a few times and move on, but others will become habitual users. Chronic use during the teen years could be associated with reduced IQ in adulthood, a loss of as much as eight IQ points was noted in a study published in 2012 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Adolescent use of marijuana has also been linked to psychiatric issues including increased depression and anxiety. I suspect, given the still limited research on the effects of long-term habitual marijuana use among teens, that if you drew a Venn diagram of high achieving college or career-bound high school graduates and habitual teen pot users and there wouldn’t be much of an overlap. Next time you drive past a pot shop with a line out front, check who’s in the queue. Sure, there are otherwise sober weekend pot smokers but they’re not the ones waiting for the store to…

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Source : Kafer: Stop with the glorification of marijuana — young Coloradans are listening

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