Jordan Reed retires from NFL over concussion issues, plans to explore a new career in cannabis

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National Football League (NFL) player Jordan Reed says he’s come to terms with retiring since concussion-related issues, which he used cannabis to help relieve, mean he can’t play at the level needed in the rough-and-tumble league. Initially feeling good, Reed — known for his size, speed and agility — told ESPN that he thought he would be able to keep playing the game he loves. His success likely made that prospect attractive for the veteran player who, in 2015, caught 87 passes for 952 yards and 11 touchdowns, ESPN reports, helping his Washington team win the NFC East. Over the course of his career, he caught 355 passes with 28 touchdowns, the outlet notes. How this former NFL linebacker became a leading cannabis physician for athletes Company led by NFL coach Sam Madison partners with Diamond CBD brands Calvin Johnson is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and cannabis helped him get there But love of game was not enough, causing Reed to seek professional input regarding some lingering effects of the at least seven documented concussions he suffered over his eight-season career, mostly with Washington and ending in San Francisco, as well as several others while playing at university. A Pro Bowler in 2016, Reed also received other soft-tissue injuries and needed surgery for fractures in his big toe that hampered regularly playing games. While earlier in his career, his concussions did not seem to result in any lingering effects, but that all changed closer to the end of his career when he began suffering from frequent episodes of blurry vision, according to USA Today . “Before, I was able to ignore it and not think about it too much, but when I start dealing with stuff, that’s when it becomes realistic and makes me sit back…

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Source : Jordan Reed retires from NFL over concussion issues, plans to explore a new career in cannabis

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