Join Seedsman’s livestream today with Fast Buds and the Joint Doctor


On today’s livestream, Seedsman will welcome Heather from Fast Buds and Sasha, aka the Joint Doctor, to talk autoflowering strains: how they were developed and why you might want them in your garden. The Joint Doctor is renowned for developing the first commercially successful autoflowering strain called Lowryder in the early 2000s. Teaming up with Seedsman, Lowryder seeds first went on sale in 2003 with the motto ‘from seed to stash in 60 days’. The Joint Doctor then went on to develop the more potent Lowryder #2 which helped launch autoflowers onto the market properly. Fast Buds are central to the development of autoflowers having focused on bringing the best of the US west coast genetics to the world in autoflowering form. We are excited to host them on our social media channel for the first time ever and look forward to chatting about latest developments and all things related to autos. How to view the livestream The livestream will begin at 8 PM British Summer Time (BST) and end at 9.30 PM.

Announcing the winners of our autoflower seed contest During the livestream we will also announce the winners of our latest seed contest. There will be 50 winners, each of whom will receive 9 free autoflowering seeds (Seedsman Alaskan Purple Auto, Seedsman Gelato.OG, and FastBuds Glue Autofem). Last chance to win autoflowering seeds If you missed the contest, you still have time to enter throughout the duration of the live stream. WIN AUTO SEEDS! Don’t miss our 3 for 2 Autoflower Promo For anybody interested in trying out auto strains, don’t miss our latest offer: until June 28th a wide selection of Seedsman and other breeders’ autoflowering strains will be on offer with the icon 3 for 2 next to them. When you buy two…

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