Is It Safe To Give Cannabis To Pets?


As the popularity of medical cannabis continues to grow worldwide, an increasing number of pet owners are now consulting vets about the possibility of treating their four-legged companions with cannabinoids. According to a recent survey, 55 percent of vets in the US now receive regular inquiries about giving cannabis to pets, while data shows that owners are most commonly using cannabis to treat pets suffering from inflammation, anxiety and chronic pain. Related Post Dog Ate Your Stash? Is It Dangerous? Here’s What You Need To Do Next Cannabis and Pets – What Does The Science Say? Research on the use of cannabis in pets is still very sparse, and the few studies that have been conducted have not provided any conclusive answers. For instance, it has been suggested that dogs’ brains contain a higher concentration of cannabinoid receptors than humans, and that they also metabolise cannabis-based compounds slower than we do, although exactly what that means is unclear[i]. A study that was published last year aimed to investigate the effects of giving an array of different cannabis oils to dogs. Those that received oil containing only CBD experienced no major side-effects, with the infusion appearing to have the same safety profile as a placebo. However, pet dogs that ingested cannabis oils containing THC tended to experience more complications[ii]. Interestingly, adverse effects were slightly more severe in animals that received an oil containing both CBD and THC than those that ingested just THC. While the reason for this is not fully understood, the study authors suggest that in some species, CBD may actually potentiate the effects of THC, despite the fact that the reverse is often seen in humans. Importantly, both cannabinoids were still detectable in the dogs’ blood plasma a week after the final administration, suggesting that the animals lack…

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