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Cannabis and its derivatives can be treated differently. But people who are convinced that absolutely all drugs are equally harmful and more dangerous than alcohol are perhaps puzzled by the fact that in Europe and overseas, marijuana is consistently legalized and increasingly used for medical purposes. Is marijuana harmful to your health? There are no documented cases of marijuana overdose deaths. But still, it is not harmless. The main risk is associated with the loss of control over behavior from the use of cannabinoids (you can be injured in a fall or get into an accident). Its smoking increases the risk of lung diseases, can provoke mental disorders. Moreover, children of marijuana smokers, during the pregnancy of mothers, are at risk of being born with less weight (here, everything is about the same as with tobacco). But in general, it is recognized that the harm to health from smoking marijuana is less than from smoking tobacco. In particular, because “shoals” are smoked much less often than regular cigarettes.   Is marijuana addictive? Yes, but to a lesser extent than alcohol, nicotine, and hard drugs. A painful addiction develops in about 10% of people, as a rule, with a prolonged and daily intake of the substance (less often than in the case of caffeine). In most cases, we are talking about psychological dependence. However, there is no physiological dependence on marijuana. That is, there is no” withdrawal ” due to the refusal of cannabis.   Ways to use cannabis:   Bong One of the most popular ways to consume plant matter for a given period is the bong. The smoking devices roor bongs are in demand among the faithful adherents of JA, as it pleases with an incredible variety. Bongs are made of various materials – glass, silicone, acrylic, metal, ceramics.…

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