Infants born to mothers with cannabis use disorder had more negative health outcomes

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Amid a rising rate of cannabis use disorder (CUD) among women in California, their babies seem to be experiencing more adverse outcomes than mothers who do not have CUD. Prenatal CUD “appears to be associated with escalated odds of major adverse neonatal outcomes,” states the study abstract . The retrospective study out of the University of California San Diego (UCSD), funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, considered 4.8 million mothers who delivered live, single births in the state between 2001 and 2012, according to UCSD . Of the records reviewed, investigators identified 20,237 women with a CUD diagnosis who were discharged following delivery. Study suggests cannabis legalization ups weed use during preconception period Women who use cannabis could have more difficulty conceiving: U.S. study Does using weed during pregnancy affect fetal brain development? This Saskatchewan researcher wants to find out Published online in Addiction , study authors suggest the actual incidence of CUD “is likely higher than reported numbers.” Investigators compared the 20,237 women with a control group of 40,474 mother-infant pairs who had similar demographics and maternal health factors, including other substance use disorder diagnoses and tobacco use. Previous findings suggest “concurrent tobacco use is common among pregnant women who use cannabis,” notes a statement from NIDA . In the current study, researchers found that babies born to women with CUD “were more likely to be born preterm, have a low birth weight and be small for their gestational age.” The aforementioned are “all factors that can require greater or more intense medical care or presage later health issues,” study authors point out. Although rare, affecting less than one per cent of either the CUD or the control group, investigators also witnessed that the risk of infant mortality was greater for the CUD group of mothers than…

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Source : Infants born to mothers with cannabis use disorder had more negative health outcomes

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